Forget the traditional table runner. These honeycomb balls give any party table plenty of flair with ease. All you need are our 8” Tissue Paper Honeycomb Balls and one (or more!) of our Honeycomb Ball Garland. We chose to deck out our table in a rainbow of color, but with our wide variety of honeycomb ball hues, this runner can be made in any color palette.

First, arrange the 8” honeycomb balls in the center of the table. Don’t worry about making it a straight line, a little zig and zag adds just the right amount of whimsy. Then, cut the mini honeycomb balls off the garland string and place those in between the larger balls to fill in the gaps.

We love this DIY table runner because it is so trendy and easy to adapt to any party theme.


Give windows (or a wide doorway!) a festive dressing with this quick and easy crepe paper streamer DIY. These DIY party curtains make a great backdrop to a statement table and can really tie the party decorations together. All you need are your favorite colors of Crepe Paper Streamers (we have 29 colors and patterns), some tape, and scissors.

Start by measuring out your streamers so that they cover your window from the top to a little past the bottom. When you’re happy with the length, cut the streamers evenly, and then tape the streamers at the top of the window frame in an even straight line. Once the curtains are complete you can opt to leave the windows completely covered or you can use an extra piece of streamer to pull the curtains to the side as we did. If tape does not stick well to the window frame, you can also loop and tape the streamers around a tension curtain rod and pop it in the window.


Make the guest of honor the center of attention and deck out their seat with a fabulous splash of color. Create this unique party decoration by tying the ends of your chosen streamers to the back of a chair with a basic knot. Then cut the streamers to your desired length. You can cut them just above the floor as we did, or let extra-long extensions flow in all directions for a slightly wild boho vibe. And, that’s it!

This decoration is great for not only birthday parties, but for the throne seat at baby showers or bridal showers, too.


Bring balloon decorations to new heights with this simple DIY party craft. Trade in the traditional curling ribbon and attach a balloon to a tail of colorful Crepe Paper Streamers.

First, pick out the desired colors from our selection of crepe paper streamers. Then inflate one of our Giant Balloons. We chose our 24” White Latex Balloon to really make the rainbow tail stand out. Finally, attach your streamers to the knot of the balloon with a bit of tape and let your creation float in the air. Be careful to not use too many streamers or a lot of tape, as this will weigh down your balloon too much.

This easy DIY party decoration looks great on its own, or assemble streamer tails for several giant balloons and stagger them throughout the party space.


Feast your eyes on this DIY streamer party backdrop! All it takes to make are a few rolls of streamer and a dowel. Similar to the chair decoration, segments of streamer are tied in knots to the dowel. The more hanging streamers, the better! Mix up the colors however you like, then cut the segments at varying lengths to achieve a beautiful layered effect. If the backdrop is going behind a table, cut the segments so they hang just above and a little below the table top. Otherwise, let them hang as low as the floor to create a streamer photo booth backdrop. With a backdrop this fun, you can bet the cameras will come out!


Have a knack for crafting? Here’s another table runner alternative made with streamer! Take two (or more) different colors of streamer, some tape, and get to work on this super-cool table runner. We started with 5 segments about the same length as our table. You can leave a little extra and let it flow over the sides, or cut it short – go with whatever looks good to you! The perpendicular segments we cut shorter, about the width of our table. Next, we weaved our white segments over and under the red segments to create a layered effect. Wherever the streamers touched, we used a small donut of tape to hold them together. That way the table runner would hold its shape while our guests were seated! The red and white color combination we used worked great, as the checkered pattern looked similar to the classic gingham print seen at picnics!

Tissue Paper Centerpiece - DIY Party Decoration Ideas

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