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Nicro is a party supplies company focuses on designing, manufacturing, wholesaling custom party supplies of all themes.

Our R & D team also deliver authentic and original party styles based on multicultural backgrounds.

GS certification
CE certification
UL certification
RoHS certification

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Non-toxic & Safe

Our party supplies are made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly raw materials for food consumption.

Overall Customization

Flexible customization for colors, sizes, patterns and materials.

International Certified Quality

All our party supplies pass certifications in Europe and North America.

Price Advantage

Stabilizing cost without sacrificing quality ,you're always assured of competitive pricing.

Free Samples Available

Experience the quality and creativity of our premium party supplies first-hand.

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    Custom Services to Meet Your Needs

    From party supplies to logos and packaging, we can help personalize your branding requirements.






    Full Coverage Customization

    NICRO offers a wide range of customization options to make your party decoration more marketable to your audience. Modify the party decoration’s dimensions, material, printing, logo and packaging to match what is popular on your market.

    Helpful Design Resources

    Browse our design resources where we display our past party decorations designs. You can also explore our website to get inspiration for the custom party decorations you want. With our professional designer’s help, we can adjust our design to create a unique concept for your business.

    Past Excellent Cases Showcase

    Design, Manufacture, and Wholesale – All-in-one, at Your Service.
    As a global party supplies manufacturer, NICRO offers a range of finely-crafted party supplies through novel design and robust production capabilities.

    Reliable Manufacturing Process

    Scientific production management and lean manufacturing process ensure a streamlined production of premium party decorations.

    Intricate hand-drawn designs ensure each detail is precise and efficiently made.


    Diversify your party supplies with green and sustainable materials.


    Highly Equipped Workshops & Advanced Machines


    Packed into customized packages to be shipped.

    Strict Quality Control

    We established a comprehensive Quality Control System to guarantee the superior quality of our products.
    This system involves conducting regular inspections during the manufacturing process, adhering strictly to standard operating procedures, and performing thorough testing before final delivery.

    Reliable Party Supplies Wholesale

    Excellence in Customization

    Through our fast production lines and mature supply chain, we offer wide coverage of customization based on your demands, giving you full control of the materials, colors, and features.

    Expert Services

    Our team offers VIP service for you 24/7, starting with specialized consultation on how to produce your decoration kits to attentive after-sales service to bolster your brand’s marketing.

    Diversified Product Categories

    Niro’s relentless thrust for innovative decoration production makes our product line stand out in the competitive global market, being highly regarded in the world.

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    Show Our Attitude

    NICRO meets international standards when it comes to manufacturing premium party decorations.
    GS certification
    CE certification
    UL certification
    RoHS certification

    Our Patent Certificates

    Global Customer Recognition

    We Are Party Supplies Designer, Manufacturer & Innovator

    We Are Party Supplies Designer, Manufacturer & Innovator

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      *We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.

      *Please upload only jpg, png, pdf, dxf, dwg files. *Size limit is 10MB.