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    Why Choose Nicro Wholesale Graduation Party Supplies

    With a decade of expertise in high school and college graduation party supplies, Nicro excels in creating fashionable gradution decorations, bulk favors and more. We offer tailored OEM & ODM services to meet your business needs in the graduation party sector.

    Unique Graduation Party Decorations

    Exclusive graduation party decorations, including custom party banners, graduation party table decorations, and themed graduation decor, transform any space into an unforgettable celebration of achievement. Perfect for all graduation parties.


    Unforgettable Graduation Party Favors & Gifts

    Delight your guests with Nicro unique graduation party favors that capture the essence of your achievement. Choose from a variety of customized gifts that ensure your graduation party favors for guests become cherished keepsakes of this special day.

    Celebrate with Graduation Tableware & Cake Decors

    Nicro’s graduation party cups, plates, napkins and cake toppers bring style and convenience to your celebration. Perfect for any theme, they add a touch of elegance and functionality, ensuring your graduation party is both memorable and efficient.

    Premium Graduation Party Gift Boxes and Packaging

    Our exclusive graduation party gift bags and graduation party packages add a touch of sophistication and joy to your celebration. Elevate your event with our elegant solutions, crafting unforgettable memories for every graduate.
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    Nicro in China: 10+ Years Specializing in Diverse Wholesale Party Supplies

    Fully Automated Production

    Leveraging two factories with 9,000 ㎡ and smart management, Nicro ensures cost-effective, fully automated production. Certified excellence with BSCI, ISO, RoHS, TUV for top-tier bulk party supplies.

    Custom Party Supplies for Every Occasion

    From birthday to wedding party celebrations, Nicro offers a wide range of party decorations, custom party favors, and party tablewares in bulk. Customize your day with our extensive party supply collections.

    Innovative Design by Professional Team

    Nicro's design team, comprised of top art students globally, launches 8-12 original sets of party favor boxes, party cups, and party tableware and more monthly. Experience rapid, precise designs for custom party supplies that stand out.

    OEM & ODM Services

    Opt for Nicro's OEM & ODM solutions for cutting-edge product innovation and continuous R&D support. Stay ahead with new materials, processes, and technologies in the party supply industry.

    Dedicated Support for Bulk Party Supplies

    With over 10 years of international service, Nicro offers 24/7 consultation, after-sales guarantees, and free warehousing. Achieve 99% customer satisfaction with our professional party supply solutions.

    Diverse Party Supplies Advantages Ensure Unmatched Variety and Quality

    Custom Creativity

    Discover the breadth of Nicro’s party supply selection, featuring customizable cups, napkins, and favors tailored to your event’s needs. Elevate your gatherings with a range of materials and designs, all while supporting eco-conscious choices and assured quality.

    Green Gatherings

    Embrace sustainability with Nicro’s eco-friendly party supplies. From renewable paper and biodegradable plastics to wood and bamboo, our products ensure your celebrations are both grand and green. Discover our solar-powered innovations for an eco-conscious party experience.

    Excellence Guaranteed

    With a quality rate exceeding 95%, Nicro leads in the party supply sector, conducting thorough inspections on each product. Your purchases are backed by our commitment to excellence, ensuring satisfaction. Rely on us to deliver unmatched quality for your events, every time.

    Competitive Pricing

    Our cutting-edge, fully automated production process slashes costs without compromising quality, ensuring you get the best deals on cheap party supplies in bulk. Partner with Nicro, your foremost option for saving, without sacrificing appeal or variety in your offerings.

    Flexible MOQ

    Embark on your journey with flexible MOQs, starting from just 100 pieces. Nicro supports your business’s growth at every stage, making it effortless to stock up on theme party supplies wholesale. Whether you’re just beginning or looking to expand, we adapt to your needs and scale.

    Free Samples

    Nicro provides a broad array of complimentary samples, giving you the opportunity to assess our premium goods in advance. Discover the superior quality of our custom party items and see how they can enhance any event. Choose Nicro to bring a touch of excellence to your celebrations.

    Collaborate Effortlessly with Nicro Party in 6 Steps


    Get expert advice within 24 hours to kickstart your project


    Tailor-made designs crafted to perfection within your timeline


    Competitive quotes provided swiftly for your party essentials


    Prototype testing and approval within 7 days guaranteed

    Bulk Production

    Efficient production ensures your items are ready on schedule


    Delivery 50% faster, ensuring timely arrival for your event

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    FAQs About Nicro's Wholesale Graduation Party Supplies

    What types of graduation party supplies does Nicro manufacture?

    Nicro specializes in a diverse range of graduation party supplies, focusing on elements that elevate outdoor graduation parties. While balloons for graduation party celebrations are part of their offerings, Nicro’s inventory extends to include decorative banners, tableware, and themed accessories designed to seamlessly integrate with any outdoor setting. Our products are crafted with the goal of creating unforgettable experiences for graduates and their guests, ensuring every aspect of the party, from ambiance to functionality, is covered.

    What is the minimum order quantity of Nicro?

    For customers interested in Nicro’s graduation party supplies, the standard MOQ is 100 pieces. However, for those looking to add a personal touch with customized party supplies, the MOQ increases to 500 pieces. This distinction ensures flexibility for both standard and personalized event planning needs, catering to a range of celebration sizes and preferences.

    Can Nicro provide personalized or custom-made graduation party supplies to make our celebration unique?

    Sure. At Nicro, our dedicated design team excels in crafting custom graduation party supplies, including custom graduation party favors, banners, balloons and more,  tailored to celebrate each graduate’s unique story. We blend creativity with personal touches to ensure your celebration stands out.

    Are Nicro’s products eco-friendly or recyclable, given the increasing demand for sustainable party supplies?

    Yes, Nicro prioritizes sustainability, especially for products like graduation party plates and napkins. We ensure our offerings are eco-friendly and recyclable, aligning with the growing demand for sustainable party supplies. Our commitment is to meet our customers’ needs while minimizing environmental impact, showcasing our dedication to both quality and eco-consciousness.

    What are the shipping policies and delivery times for Nicro’s graduation party supplies?

    Nicro collaborates with multiple logistics companies to offer tailored shipping solutions, ensuring your customized graduation party items arrive on time for your celebration. Preparation for your party supplies takes approximately 2 business days, followed by a shipping period of 7-15 business days. To facilitate a smooth delivery process for your graduation party supplies, we advise placing orders well in advance of your event date. This approach allows adequate time for production and shipping, particularly for customized items.

    What is Nicro's return policy?

    At Nicro, customer satisfaction is our top priority. If you experience any issues with your order, such as receiving damaged or defective items, we encourage you to contact our customer service team within 7 days of delivery. We are committed to resolving your concerns promptly by offering appropriate solutions, which may include replacements or refunds for the affected products. Our goal is to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your purchase and to assist in making your celebration as perfect as you envisioned.

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