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With 10 years of experience in custom party supplies manufacturing, Nicro is dedicated to producing and developing trendy party supplies wholesale. We are committed to offering OEM and ODM party supplies wholesale to meet your business needs.
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Design, Manufacture, Wholesale at Your Service

Nicro: Your Reliable Manufacturer for Party Wholesale Supplies

Fuzhou Nicrolandee, also known as NICRO, specializes in creating and exporting an assortment of innovative and wholesale party supply for the e-commerce, OEM and ODM markets.

10 Years of Experience

6000 ㎡ Factory Size

30-50 million pcs/year production capacity

12 production lines

GS certification
CE certification
RoHS certification
UL certification

Discover Various Custom Party Supplies Theme With Nicro

As a top party supplier wholesale, we offer products for any party theme, including party tableware & cake decor, party decoration, party favor, and custom party invites, ensuring all your party essentials.

Why Choose Nicro as Your Party Supplies Producers?


95% High-Quality Rate

As one of top party vendors, we maintain a 95%+ high-quality rate, ensuring all bulk party favors, custom party invitations, and party decorations meet our strict standards. Our 3 rigorous quality checks—pre-finish, pre-packaging, and pre-shipment—minimize after-sales issues, saving you time and effort.

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Eco-Friendly Party Supply Wholesale Solutions

Nicro places eco-responsibility first, aiming to minimize our planetary impact. We proudly recommend FSC-certified eco-friendly party supplies bulk, featuring recyclable paper tableware, decorations, and favors. As sustainability pioneers, we continuously develop innovative, high-quality eco-friendly party supplies to meet our strict fashion and sustainability standards.

Customer-First Service Commitment

As a party supply company dedicated to top-notch customer service, we offer MOQs of 100-300 sets and custom orders from 500-10,000 sets. Furthermore, free in-stock samples and 7/24 service response times ensure we deliver prompt and varied party supply solutions for our clients.
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Unleash the Power of Nicro's Customized Party Supplies

As a leading party vendor, we elevate your brand with unique custom services. From custom party supplies to personalized logos and packaging, we offer complete solutions to enhance your business.

Hand-Drawn Designer

Transforming ideas into unforgettable experiences, Nicro stands at the forefront of party suppliers. With our skilled craftsmen, your concepts, whether hand-drawn or digital, come to life with 98% precision, resulting in visually captivating designs. While others rely on computer-generated methods, Nicro excels in hand-drawn artistry, delivering unparalleled quality and customization for your brand.

Wide Selection of Colors

Experience the excellence of Nicro, your premier party factory offering unparalleled customization options. Embracing eco-consciousness, we prioritize paper-based materials in our product manufacturing. With a selection of 34 widely-used colors, we provide both cost-effective solutions and adherence to the latest trends, ensuring your celebrations are both stylish and sustainable.

Continuous Creativity

Elevate your events with Nicro, the epitome of innovation in party supplier wholesale solutions. With 10% of our yearly sales revenue devoted to R&D, we consistently unveil new designs. Explore our monthly rotation of 12 innovative designs, demonstrating our dedication to progress. Count on our recognition as a high-tech enterprise and our FSC certification for excellence and environmental responsibility.

Looking For More Custom Party Supplies Wholesale?

Nicro has years of experience and ability in custom factory direct party supplies. Thanks to our skillful designers, we can provide personalized party styles in favorable price within short time.

Certified Manufacturer for All Party Supply Themes

As a seasoned Card and Party Factory with over a decade of expertise, our certified products and supply chain make us the ideal B2B partner to enhance your position in wholesale party supplies online.

Our Well Known Party Goods Wholesale Partners

With a decade of expertise, Nicro offers unique party supplies wholesale solutions tailored for party supplies wholesale distributors and brands. Our commitment to providing OEM and ODM services ensures your business needs are met with precision and quality.
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