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With 10 years of custom wedding party supplies producing experience, Nicro is committed to producing and developing trendy wedding party accessories wholesale. We work to provide OEM & ODM wedding party supply wholesale to cater to the needs of your business.
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Profitable Wedding Party Supplies Wholesale

Flexible MOQs

To minimize your pressure to purchase, our MOQ ranges from 100 to 10,000 to satisfy the needs of any client group.

Integrated Supply

With close access to premium suppliers, we provide a comprehensive range of bulk wedding party supplies packaged to fit your budget and market needs.

Trending Design

Attentive to the latest trends in custom wedding party supplies, our design team follows through and creates respectable, original, and popular designs reflective of your brand quality and our connection to the world.

Discover the Best Deals on Wholesale Wedding Party Supplies With Nicro

Discover the ultimate destination for all the bulk wedding party supplies needed at Nicro’s wholesale wedding and party supplies. From exquisite wedding and party decorations wholesale to elegant bulk wedding party favors, we are your one-stop wedding party accessories wholesale manufacturer.

Looking For More Custom Wedding Party Supplies?

Nicro has years of experience and ability in custom party supplies. Thanks to our skillful designers, we can provide personalized party styles in favorable price within short time.

Catering to All Party Preference

Unleash the Power of Customization with Nicro's Tailored Services

Take your brand to new heights with Nicro’s unrivaled customization services. From custom wedding party supplies to custom logos and packaging, we offer comprehensive solutions designed to elevate your business.

Hand-Drawn Designer

With Nicro, your creative visions can become a reality. Whether you have a hand-drawn sketch or a digital design, our team of expert artisans will bring your ideas to life with 98% accuracy, resulting in visually stunning and authentic printed designs. While many wedding party supplies wholesale manufacturers rely on computer-generated designs, Nicro goes the extra mile by providing hand-drawn design services for superior quality and efficiency. Trust us to deliver the perfect customized solutions for your brand.

Wide Selection of Colors

Explore Nicro’s vast palette of 34 raw material paper colors, exceeding industry standards by 70%. Design your ideal wholesale wedding party supply with our non-fading, vibrant color paper. Plus, our Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification ensures ethical sourcing from managed forests. Choose Nicro for an unparalleled selection of eco-friendly and visually stunning wedding and party supplies wholesale.

100% Personalization

Discover the limitless possibilities for your brand with Nicro’s top-notch OEM and ODM services. From wedding party favors bulk to logos and packaging, we offer a comprehensive range of customization options to fulfill the unique needs of your business. Join forces with Nicro and watch as your ideas are transformed into extraordinary wedding party decorations and other wedding party supplies that leave a lasting impression on the market. Trust us to deliver personalized solutions that truly reflect the essence of your brand.

Why Choose Nicro Wholesale Wedding Party Supply

With 10 years of wedding party supply wholesale experience, Nicro is committed to producing and developing trendy wedding party decorations, wedding party favors in bulk. We work to provide OEM & ODM wedding party supply wholesale to cater to the needs of your business.

95%+ High-Quality Rate

We maintain an exceptional 95%+ high-quality rate, ensuring that every wedding party decoration, wedding party favors bulk, and wedding party accessories wholesale meets our stringent standards. Our rigorous quality control measures minimize the need for after-sales support, saving you time and effort.
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12+ New Designs Per Month

With over 10 years in the industry, we invest a minimum of 10% of sales revenue in product development each year. Our research team introduces a minimum of 12 new designs monthly, keeping your bulk wedding party favors, wedding party decorations, and wedding party accessories on-trend and captivating to your customers.

Eco-friendly Material

Nicro prioritizes environmental responsibility and aims to minimize our impact on the planet. We are delighted to present a collection of eco-friendly wedding supplies, including recyclable paper tableware and columns. As pioneers of sustainability, we constantly strive to develop innovative and high-quality eco-conscious party wedding supplies that meet our stringent standards for both style and sustainability.
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wedding party supplies

Design, Manufacture, Wholesale at Your Service

Nicro: Your Trusted Manufacturer for Wedding Party Supply Wholesale

Fuzhou Nicrolandee, also known as NICRO, specializes in creating and exporting an assortment of innovative and handmade party supplies for the OEM and ODM markets.

10 Years of Experience

6000㎡ Factory Size

3000-5000w pcs/year production capacity

12+ production lines

GS certification
CE certification
RoHS certification
UL certification

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