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When organizing a party, be it a birthday party, bridal shower or any other party, it is very important to find the right party suppliers. To assist you in making the right choices, below is a list of six reputable party suppliers who offer excellent products and services. All of these suppliers have something special to offer to make your event one to remember.

Party Supplier NameCountryYear Founded
Party CityUSA1986
Oriental Trading CompanyUSA1932
Meri MeriUK1985
Factory Direct PartyUSA1974

How can you find reliable and affordable party suppliers?

Party suppliers can be searched on the internet, the prices compared, and the reviews read to get the best suppliers for the party. Choose suppliers who have a good reputation, clear pricing policy, and a number of services to meet your party requirements.

Nicro (China) ☆☆☆☆☆

logo nicro
  • Founding Year: 2008
  • Address: Building 18, No.81 Liuhe Road, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China
  • Main Products: Party supplies, Custom party items, Decorations

Specific Description

Nicro, which is also called Nicrolandee, is a company that focuses on developing and exporting different kinds of new and handmade party products for OEM and ODM. Nicro is situated close to the Fuzhou port which means that it can easily access shipping services hence making it easy to transport goods. Nicro has been in business for over a decade, has a factory that is 6000m² and is constantly developing new products to ensure that the customer gets exactly what he wants in terms of party products. The company has a high level of production quality with a 95% good product rate due to quality checks that are conducted thrice before the products are shipped. This commitment to quality guarantees that customers are provided with the best party supplies from Nicro.

Nicro provides free warehousing and can handle the goods well through long term contracts. Their design, R&D and marketing departments are focused on developing saleable and unique party products. Nicro has certifications like FDA, SGS, LFGB and factory certifications like SGS and BSCI, which makes it follow international quality standards. They are particularly strong in wholesale party supplies, for OEM and ODM requirements with individual original designs, materials, and functions. Nicro targets all classes of businesses to guarantee quality and affordable party supplies. This is because they have the knowledge of the market and the experience in the industry to develop products that meet and even surpass the customers’ expectations. Nicro’s flexibility in branding services, including party wares and packaging, makes it possible for clients to attain 100% branding. Nicro has a large market share, quick delivery, and products being sold in popular supermarkets and suppliers in more than 15 areas, making it a leading party supplier in the industry. For more information on wholesale party supplies, please see “Insider Tips on Finding Best Wholesale Party Supplies Distributors.

Party City (USA) ☆☆☆☆

Party City
  • Founding Year: 1986
  • Address: Celebration Square, Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677, United States
  • Main Products: Party decorations, Balloons, Costumes, Party favors

Specific Description

Party City is one of the most recognized names in the party supplies market in the USA. The company was established in 1986 and has expanded to be among the biggest suppliers of party products. They offer a wide variety of products which include cake toppers, gift papers, birthday items, balloons, costumes, decorations, and party favors for different occasions like birthdays, Halloween, and baby shower parties. Party City has always boasted of its ability to stock a large number of quality products at reasonable prices. They have outlets all over the USA, which makes it easy for their clients to get all they require for their parties in one shop. The company also has a strong online shopping portal that allows the customers to shop from the comfort of their homes. This online presence is supported by features such as free shipping on some orders to make the customer experience more convenient.

Oriental Trading Company (USA) ☆☆☆☆☆

party supplies wholesale distributors usa
  • Founding Year: 1932
  • Address: 5455 South 90th Street, Omaha, NE 68127,USA
  • Main Products: Party supplies, Crafts, Toys, Educational products

Specific Description

Oriental Trading Company was established in 1932 and is one of the leading companies in the party supplies and novelty items market. Established in 1939, the company has grown over the years to offer a wide variety of products such as party accessories, craft items, toys, and educational products. They include products for birthdays, weddings, school functions, and corporate functions among others. Another competitive advantage that Oriental Trading Company has is that it offers its products at very cheap prices while at the same time maintaining quality. They stock a wide range of products that are themed differently to suit the various needs of the customers. The company’s buying in large quantities makes it suitable for large events and organizations that want to cut on their expenses.

Meri Meri (UK) ☆☆☆☆

Meri Meri
  • Founding Year: 1985
  • Address: 60 St. George’s Place, Cheltenham, GL50 3PN, United Kingdom
  • Main Products: Party supplies, Stationery, Gifts, Home decor

Specific Description

Meri Meri is a UK based company that specializes in the manufacture of aesthetically appealing party products and writing instruments. Since its inception in 1985, the company has been producing quality products that are well designed and give a touch of class to any occasion. Meri Meri offers party items, writing materials, gifts, and home accessories that are unique and stylish in their presentation. Another advantage of Meri Meri is that it focuses on the design aspect of the products it offers. The company has its own design department, which is developing new ideas for the products, so they are not only fashionable but also exclusive. This focus on uniqueness is evident in their wide range of products that are designed for different themes and events, from children’s birthday parties to elegant bridal showers.

Factory Direct Party (USA) ☆☆☆☆

Factory Direct Party
  • Founding Year: 1974
  • Address: 50 Ann Street, West Pittston, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Main Products: Plastic tableware, balloons, decorations, cutlery, party supplies.

Specific Description

Factory Direct Party is a leading company that specializes in the provision of birthday party supplies, wholesale party supplies, and other products to achieve the best party appearance. They deal in a variety of products such as latex balloons, gift bags, birthday candles, and birthday balloons and have all that is required to create memorable holiday parties. Their large variety of tableware, banners, and catering items like foil tablecloth and cutlery guarantees that every aspect of your event is catered for. Offering competitive prices for their products and services, Factory Direct Party is a perfect choice for planners who want to coordinate color schemes and deliver great party experiences.

Global Standards in Party Supplies Production

International standards in party supplies production guarantee that products conform to certain safety, quality, and environmental standards. Such standards include ISO certifications and adherence to legal requirements including FDA and SGS, which assist in standardization of the industry. Businesses that follow these standards are usually more credible, providing goods that are safe for use and are eco-friendly. These standards also help in export and import since they guarantee that products conform to the legal standards of various nations, thus increasing reliability in global markets.

How to Choose Party Suppliers for Activities?

party supplies 14

Selecting the right party suppliers is very important in order to have a good party and fun. The need to understand your needs through identifying the event type and theme, and whether the supplier has a wide range of products such as themed decorations, costumes, and party favors. Also, verify the supplier’s credentials to ensure that they meet international standards and state laws on privacy.

Third, assess the creativity and novelty by selecting suppliers that offer distinct and customizable products. Check the price to see if you are getting your money’s worth and search for buying in large quantities. It is also advisable to select suppliers with well-developed websites for easy purchasing and proper customer support. Last, check the reviews and testimonials to determine the reliability of the suppliers and look for those who can provide extra services such as advertising and special backgrounds for your event.

Tips to Save on Purchasing Costs

  • Choose Chinese Manufacturers: Some of the Chinese manufacturers like Nicro are in a position to sell their products at relatively cheaper prices but at the same time their products are quality. They can make large quantities and have good networks hence can be cheap when you order in large quantities especially for events like weddings.
  • Buy in Bulk: Purchasing in bulk is cheaper because it is usually sold at a slightly lower price than if one were to buy a few at a time.
  • Look forFree Shipping Options: Some of the suppliers have free shipping on any order that is of a certain value or above. These offers can be used to reduce total costs of production and therefore are beneficial to take.
  • Seasonal Sales and Discounts: It is also important not to forget to check for seasonal discounts and promotions. Some suppliers have a habit of offering some discounts at some certain times of the year and this could be the best time to buy the party supplies in bulk.
  • Consider Generic or Store Brands: There is no need to always purchase the expensive brands because most of the time the generic or store brands are just as effective. Most suppliers have their own products which are branded and of good quality but cheaper than those of other companies.


Choosing the right party suppliers is crucial in order to have a good and fun party. By making choices based on aspects like uniqueness, quality, variety, customization, and customer relations, you will be able to improve your celebrations. Also, it is possible to save money by selecting Chinese manufacturers, ordering in large quantities, and using free shipping and seasonal sales. If you choose the right suppliers and take a little time to plan, your next event will be great.


Does the supplier offer services for themed parties?

Yes, a good supplier should be able to offer supplies that are themed like princess, carnival, luau and fiesta supplies and also supplies for events like Christmas.

What other services should I expect from the supplier?

Search for suppliers that engage in social media for party ideas and information and good customer relations and event planning to make the event a success.

What are the most frequently used themes for party supplies?

Some of the most common themes include unicorn, mermaid, dinosaur, carnival, luau, fiesta, and Christmas, which are readily available from most suppliers.

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